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The Centre Pompidou website offers a comprehensive “Instrument de Recherche”, through which the scans of hundreds of archive documents and photographs can be accessed online (the tool itself is only in French, but the explanation on this page is in English; more detailed information about individual documents is expected to be added in the autumn of 2023):

A navigable, virtual 3D reconstruction of the exhibition Les Immatériaux is available at

Monoskop (PDFs of various original publications)

Centre Pompidou, Bibliothèque Kandinsky

  • http://bibliothequekandinsky.centrepompidou.fr
  • (There is a wiki-style overview about Les Immatériaux that can be found here, but at present (9 Sept 2020) it is so full of mistakes that the information should not be used without further fact-checking.)

Some further, usefully overexposed photos (by Stéphane Couturier, published in Domus, 662, 1985, p. 62–63) can be found here:


site “corps chanté”

site “toutes les copies”

site “arôme simulé”

site “visites simulées”

site “labyrinthe du langage”, section “romans à faire”, project “L’objet perdu”

site “labyrinthe du langage”, section “champ et moment de la voix”

site “labyrinthe du langage”, project “Epreuves d’écriture”


“Retour sur Les Immatériaux”, 20 year anniversary colloquium at Ensad, Paris, 30 March 2005, organised by Jean-Louis Boissier and Liliane Terrier

Landmark Exhibitions: Contemporary Art Shows Since 1968,” (with three contributions about Les Immatériaux), collaboration between Tate Modern and Jan van Eyck Academie with the Royal College of Art and The London Consortium, October 2008, organised by Marko Daniel and Antony Hudek

Radio programme, France Culture, 6 February 2009, « Peinture fraîche » : Les Immatériaux (Réalisation Clotilde Pivin, with Jean-François Lyotard, Dolorès Lyotard, Jean-Louis Boissier, Anne Tronche, Philippe Curval)

“30 Years after Les Immatériaux – Art, Science, Theory,” Leuphana Universität, Lüneburg, 21–22 Mai 2014, organised by Andreas Broeckmann and Yuk Hui

“Les Immatériaux: Towards the Virtual with Jean-François Lyotard,” Courtauld Institute of Art, London, 27–28 March 2015, organised by Sarah Wilson

A research seminar about Les Immatériaux at Waseda University in Tokyo in 2015:

“Les immatériaux, trente ans après”, 30 year anniversary event at the Centre Pompidou, 27 November 2015, organised by Christine Buci-Glucksmann and Thierry Dufrêne

François Burkhardt (former director of the CCI, 1984-1990) speaking (in German) about Les Immatériaux during a book presentation in Vienna, 2016 (a.o. min 04:00-08:00, 12:45-17:00):

Bruno Latour, interviewed by Hans Ulrich Obrist, on 9 January 2016 in Paris, speaks about Les Immatériaux, his involvement in the Epreuves d’écriture, and explains why he “always hated” the exhibition, and then they continue about Laboratorium (1999), Iconoclash (2002), Making Things Public (2005) and the forthcoming Reset Modernity! (April 2016).

Philippe Parreno remembers Les Immatériaux (in French, on France Culture, in December 2020, min 06:00-10:00):

Centre Pompidou, “Vidéo et après”, 25 May 2023, presentation of the virtual 3D reconstruction, contributions by Andreas Broeckmann, Philippe Bettinelli, Marcella Lista, and short conversations with Katia Lafitte, Chantal Noël, Bernard Blistène, and Jacques-Elie Chabert.

Centre Pompidou, festival Moviment, programme dedicated to Les Immatériaux, 8 July 2023, conversations with Katerina Thomadaki, Jean-Louis Boissier and Jean-Claude Fall.

Concert programme sons et voix

In the context of Les Immatériaux, IRCAM organised a series of concerts between March – May 1985. The following are links to the recordings in the IRCAM Médiathèque:


Luigi Nono: Guai ai gelidi mostri (1983)

Steve Reich: Mein Name ist… / My Name Is… (1967)

Gérard Grisey: Les chants de l’Amour (1982-1984)


Karlheinz Stockhausen: Oberlippentanz (1983)

Karlheinz Stockhausen: Kathinkas Gesang als Luzifers Requiem (1983)
Link video : https://medias.ircam.fr/x414628

Karlheinz Stockhausen: Aries (1977)

Karlheinz Stockhausen: Traum-Formel (1981)

Karlheinz Stockhausen: Der Kleine Harlekin (1975)

Music for the Soundtrack

The soundtrack of Les Immatériaux was composed of readings of texts, accompanied by excerpts from electroacoustic music pieces, mostly IRCAM productions of the early 1980s:

Audio-Zone 4 : Nu vain, Deuxième peau, l’Ange
Tristan Murail, Désintégrations

Audio-Zone 6 : Corps éclaté, « Infra-Mince », Surface introuvable
Audio-Zone 18 : Ombre de l’ombre, Trace de trace, Espace réciproque, Lumière dérobée
John Chowning, Turenas

Audio-Zone 7 : Indiscernables
Mesías Maiguashca, Fmelodies

Audio-Zone 9 : Peinture luminescente, Peintre sans corps, Toutes les copies
Arnaud Petit, Espace et pleurs

Audio-Zone 10 : Toutes les peaux, Ration alimentaire
Audio-Zone 13 : Petits invisibles, Architecture plane
Audio-Zone 22 : Vite-habillé, Les trois mères
Jonathan Harvey, Bhakti

Audio-Zone 11 : Tous les bruits (this zone was in fact silent; the link is to a version of the piece whose score was exhibited in the site Tous les bruits)
Jean-Charles François

Audio-Zone 12 : Langue vivante, Jeu d’échecs, Matricule, Variables cachées
Audio-Zone 21 : Visites simulées, Profondeur simulée, Référence inversée
York Höller, Résonance

Audio-Zone 14 : Homme invisible, Habitacle, Mangeur pressé
Audio-Zone 23 : Précuisiné, Préparlé
Philippe Manoury, Zeitlauf

Audio-Zone 17 : Creusets stellaires
Audio-Zone 25 : Terroir oublié, Tous les auteurs
York Höller, Arcus

Audio-Zone 19 : Irreprésentable, Images calculées
Jean-Claude Risset, Songes

Audio-Zone 20 : Arôme simulé, Odeur peinte
Roger Reynolds, Archipelago

Audio-Zone 24 : Négoce peint, Monnaie du temps
Tod Machover, Fusione Fugace


Film images by Renate Ferro (installation, Anamnesis, Lyotard Revisited, July, 1983) of Lyotard in his country house at Fillerval in July 1983, as he was drafting the first “Esquisse” for Les Immatériaux

Thierry Chaput, Wikipedia pages in English and French