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Monoskop (PDFs of various original publications)

The photo documentation of the exhibition is online on the Centre Pompidou website at “Archives et documentation, Expositions du Centre Pompidou : reportages en argentique (1953-2003), CCI 147, Les Immatériaux“:

BK, archival sources

Centre Pompidou, Bibliothèque Kandinsky

  • http://bibliothequekandinsky.centrepompidou.fr
  • (There is a wiki-style overview about Les Immatériaux that can be found here, but at present (9 Sept 2020) it is so full of mistakes that the information should not be used without further fact-checking.)

Some further, usefully overexposed photos can be found here:


site “toutes les copies”

site “arôme simulé”

site “visites simulées”

site “labyrinthe du langage”, section “romans à faire”, project “L’objet perdu”

site “labyrinthe du langage”, section “champ et moment de la voix”

site “labyrinthe du langage”, project “Epreuves d’écriture”


“Retour sur Les Immatériaux”, 20 year anniversary colloquium at Ensad, Paris, 30 March 2005, organised by Jean-Louis Boissier and Liliane Terrier

Radio programme, France Culture, 6 February 2009, « Peinture fraîche » : Les Immatériaux (Réalisation Clotilde Pivin, with Jean-François Lyotard, Dolorès Lyotard, Jean-Louis Boissier, Anne Tronche, Philippe Curval)

“Les immatériaux, trente ans après”, 30 year anniversary event at the Centre Pompidou, 27 November 2015

François Burkhardt (former director of the CCI, 1984-1990) speaking (in German) about Les Immatériaux during a book presentation in Vienna, 2016 (a.o. min 04:00-08:00, 12:45-17:00):

Philippe Parreno remembers Les Immatériaux (in French, on France Culture, in December 2020, min 06:00-10:00):

Bruno Latour, interviewed by Hans Ulrich Obrist, on 9 January 2016 in Paris, speaks about Les Immatériaux, his involvement in the Epreuves d’écriture, and explains why he “always hated” the exhibition, and then they continue about Laboratorium (1999), Iconoclash (2002) Making Things Public (2005) the forthcoming Reset Modernity! (April 2016). (the video of this interview is currently not available, Sept. 2020)

A research seminar about Les Immatériaux at Waseda University in Tokyo in 2015: https://repre.org/repre/vol25/conference10/panel02/


Film images by Renate Ferro (installation, Anamnesis, Lyotard Revisited, July, 1983) of Lyotard in his country house at Fillerval in July 1983, as he was drafting the first “Esquisse” for Les Immatériaux

Thierry Chaput, Wikipedia pages in English and French