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Working Papers

In the series of “Working Papers” (LIR-WP), we publish new research papers as well as previously unpublished documents and other sources about Les Immatériaux, the exhibition’s preparation and its reception.

Please, feel free to contact us if you want to contribute to this series of Working Papers.


Working Paper No. 1: “Chronology of Les Immatériaux (version 1), edited by Andreas Broeckmann and Marie Vicet (published 31 October 2018)



Working Paper No. 2: Dolorès Lyotard (Rogozinski): “Sur le développement du texte pour le bande-son des Immatériaux”, edited by Andreas Broeckmann (forthcoming)

Working Paper No. 3: “The content of the film Octave dans les pays des Immatériaux (version 1), compiled by Andreas Broeckmann (forthcoming)

Working Paper No. 4: “Interview with Philippe Delis, 27 April 2001”, by Anthony Hudek (forthcoming)